I’m an Analytics person and life is all about numbers for me. I always weigh my Pros and Cons before taking a decision about anything in my life and some leisure time during this lockdown has given me an opportunity to help you weigh the pros and cons about this company. So here is my Sapientrazorfish Gurgaon review.
· Remuneration: If you’re from IT background, you’ve probably already heard about how the packages are offered by Sapient. I can say that they’re the best in industry. Even if you’re a fresher, you need not worry if you have the desired skillset.
· Work Culture: This should have been the first point but money out weighs everything else. The work culture at Sapient Gurgaon or for that matter across all offices of Sapient is extremely employee friendly. You’ll hardly get stressed due to work as there are teams to divide work equally.
· Leadership and Senior Management: The torch bearers of sapient are really a bunch of phenomenal people who have forward thinking and are true leaders in real sense. They are well aware that whatever this organization has achieved today, is because of its workforce and therefore they leave no stone unturned to add value to their careers.
· Work Life balance: If you seek peace at the end of the day, Sapient Gurgaon is the place to be at. They have their clients sorted and leaving aside exceptional scenarios, most of the days you’ll walk back home on time and with no mental pressure thus giving you time for your family and for self.
· Growth Opportunity: If you’re good at what you do, nothing can stop you from shining at Sapient. The management is very observant that way and suitable opportunities are provided to deserving employees time to time
· Off-Shore Opportunity: If travelling to client side fancies you, sapient provides ample opportunities for that as well. If your project demands you to travel, there will be no delays and all arrangements will be done by the company. If your project doesn’t require you to travel, create a need and the management can be convinced easily if its justified.
· Cutting Edge Technology: Being a technology company, Sapient has the latest technology in-house which gives ample opportunity to every employee to learn and get hands on experience. This keeps you one step ahead with regards to keeping updated with technology.

· Hiring Process is Painfully Slow: Only saying this after hearing, I’ve heard that once you are shortlisted, it can take some time to onboard you with all the paperwork and getting other formalities done so being patient is the key here. May be it’s in their agenda to check your patience. Haha
· Approval Chain: As it’s a Huge Company, there are approvals required for everything which are at times, time consuming. But its not really a con, it’s how large companies function. There is a proper channel and process for everything.
· Long Working Hours: Like I mentioned above, it depends on the project that you are assigned to. If your project demands some extra login hours from you, there’s no way around it and it has to be done. But your manager will always be considerate enough to give you flexibility in terms of working from home or other suitable options.
Bottom line, If you weigh the Pros and cons, the positives add way more points while the negatives aren’t really negatives, but some challenges that occur due to the policies and size of any organization of this scale. I really had fun writing this as I never really got a chance to do this comparative analysis before. Hence, this was my elaborative Sapient Gurgaon reviews. Hope it was a fun read.

David Vergis is an avid reader & likes to read about technology, finance & marketing.